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SHAMIR's free-of-charge Immigrant Employment Center has placed over 2,000 people in jobs since 1991. The staff of the Employment Center currently consists of a director and a coordinator, who meet with between 150-200 visitors individually per month. The staff are themselves veteran immigrants from the ex-Soviet republics.
The great Russian Aliya promised to provide Israel with an elite group of scientists and technicians. Given the opportunity, they could turn Israel into a technological superpower. But Russian immigration has slowed down because there are not enough decent jobs. An electronic engineer can be found sweeping floors in Jerusalem. Honorary Chairman of SHAMIR, Professor Herman Branover, therefore established two research and development centers in the Negev. ONTEC and SATEC, now independently run, employ top Soviet immigrant scientists and engineers and prepare them for entry into the Israeli workforce. SHAMIR is dedicated to the professional and spiritual renaissance of Russian Jewry, fighting unemployment, and building futures in Israel and in the FSU


Larissa Zislin
Larissa Zislin - Director of Employment Center

Professor Herman Branover, President and Editor-in-Chief
6 David Yellin Street, POB 5749
Jerusalem, Israel
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