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The OFAKIM Center of Technology is a scientific oasis in the Negev desert. The non-profit center prepares top Soviet immigrant scientists and engineers for entry into the Israeli workforce. Simultaneously, they evaluate and develop high tech projects for future commercialization.
Participants gain insight into the Western business landscape that was as alien to them in communist Russia as the Negev desert itself. Under the tutelage of experienced area businessmen and professors, they learn the ways of Western industry by studying business administration, finance, market research, and technical English and Hebrew.
The scientists, guided by local experts, assess the technical viability of hundreds of patent proposals sent to the center by Soviet immigrants.

Initiated by Professor Herman Branover of SHAMIR, the Ofakim Center of Technology now operates independently. SATEC, a smiliar research and development center was initiated by Branover in Jerusalem and now functions independently, employing Russian and Israeli Scientists, engineers, and technicians.

Branover at Satec

Professor Herman Branover, President and Editor-in-Chief
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